The Boy Who Lived, Come To Die

Foretold as the one with power to vanquish the Dark Lord, the Chosen One entered this world as a baby and narrowly escaped the death sentence of the evil tyrant bent on his destruction. And so he became the boy who lived, even as he lived under the specter of death. 

As he grew, the boy who lived began to exhibit peculiar tendencies, making things happen that were beyond the norm. By the time he was 12, he was following passionately in his father’s footsteps, which impressed even his elders.

The boy who lived possessed a power the Dark Lord did not comprehend – a power that routinely confounded the evil around him. It was a power that gave life to others, brought hope to dark situations, and elevated the lowly around him to a place of dignity – the power of love. This power wasn’t appreciated by everyone – especially the fools in authority, but it did win him a loyal cadre of close friends, whom he taught things they were not taught by their teachers.

Finally, having completed the work that was entrusted to him, and realizing there was no other way to defeat the power of the Dark Lord but to die himself, the boy who lived stood alone in a stand of trees and surrendered himself to those who would take his life… the boy who lived, come to die.

And die he did. The only person ever to escape the curse fell before it willingly to protect those he loved. In a moment, the Chosen One, the only hope in the battle against evil, the light in the midst of darkness, was mercilessly extinguished.

The boy who lived was dead. But the power of an untarnished soul, the power of an indestructible life, would not let him stay dead. The deadly curse failed a second time, and the power of death was conquered; the boy who died came to life! None of his friends died after that – the Chosen One’s sacrifice on their behalf worked to protect them.

It is hard to describe the feelings I feel when reading this story. It resonates with the deepest parts of me. The Boy who Lived, who really, truly lived beyond any life we could ever experience, came… to die. For me. For you. I can’t ever repay that debt. Thank you, Jesus!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you already “get” the life of Jesus.

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