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One Trump to Rule Them All?

Like many people, when I first heard that Donald Trump was running for president, I thought it was a joke. Months later, however, the sad possibility that Trump may be the next Republican nominee for POTUS can’t be denied or laughed at.

Many of us are now, in shellshocked stupor, busy considering just what on earth we are to do should we be faced with a choice between Hillary Clinton or Donald Drumpf. I am here to add my voice to those who have pledged to themselves and the rest of the country, “Never Trump!

How foolish and counterproductive is voting for Trump as the Republican nominee to take on Hillary? On a scale from “Sawing off the branch you’re standing on” to “Faustian deal with the devil,” I’d give voting for Donald to stop Hillary a solid “Let’s use the One Ring to stop Sauron and save Middle Earth” rating.

That comparison is actually worth making. All of us recognized that, when Boromir stood at the council of Rivendell to advocate using the Ring as a weapon against Sauron, he was unwittingly advocating for not just the eventual destruction of the good powers of Middle Earth, but their corruption. Similarly, my fear this election cycle is that we will embrace what is evil in order to overcome evil, upending Paul’s admonition in Romans 12. Anyway, without further ado, here are five important similarities between Donald Trump and the One Ring.

1. Both are remarkably similar to the enemies they would be used against. The Ring was forged with Sauron’s spirit and power and malice, so it isn’t surprising that it is like him. But how is it that a third of Republican voters have been duped into voting for a power hungry, authoritarian, Planned Parenthood supporting, liar who supports government-run healthcare who makes money in shady business dealings, who has been friends with Hillary Clinton for years and contributed to her presidential and Senate campaigns.

Donarry Clump? Hillanold Trumpton?

Donarry Clump? Hillanold Trumpton?

2. Both are incapable of defeating the enemies they would be used against. Using the Ring against Sauron would almost literally be like attempting to use a horcrux to defeat Voldemort – it’s a nonviable option precisely because it derives its power from the enemy it is supposedly defeating. In the case of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, Trump isn’t drawing power from Hillary, but recent polls show Trump losing to Clinton by several points – and that doesn’t take into account that a) the liberal media are probably not going after Trump hardcore until after he gets the nomination, b) Trump has a tendency to underperform polls, and c) he has a significant block of conservative voters who will not vote for him even if he is the nominee.

3. Although small, both make others around them seem small as well. I’d love to have been the one that observed this about the One Ring, but the credit goes to Shredded Cheddar blog, who commented, upon noticing the reflections of the infighting members of the Rivendell Council, “It is such a small object–but it makes everyone else around it seem smaller. It is outnumbered in their midst–but it looks as if it has trapped them.”

"It is such a small object--but it makes everyone else around it seem smaller. It is outnumbered in their midst--but it looks as if it has trapped them." -

I don’t think I could think of a better way of explaining the effect that Trump’s presence has had on this election cycle.

4. They are both treacherous and choose their alignments to suit their purposes. The One Ring abandoned both Isildur and Gollum – fools who worshipped it – in attempts to return its source. Similarly, Trump has been on both sides of seemingly every issue, habitually lying when it suits his purpose. There is simply no way to count on Trump to do anything.

5. Both, by repeated use, corrupt the soul of the one using them. Let’s face it, while hobbits may well resist the corruption of power, it ways on even them, and we are men, not hobbits. As I mentioned above, I am afraid of what will happen to the Republican party once it is brought under the Trump brand. The act of compromising one’s convictions to vote for the “lesser of two evils” has a corrupting influence, especially when so conceived. I think the question we need to ask ourselves is, is stopping Hillary worth destroying conservatism or at least betraying the conservative values of millions of conservatives? Once you vote for someone, you are likely to need to defend your vote for them if something challenges their suitability or qualifications for their position. Furthermore, “champions” have the ability to move the entire field their direction – we see someone who seems strong, and adopt their positions. Are we not concerned that, whether Trump won or lost, those who voted for him have not immeasurably weakened conservatism and their own consciences? This goes especially for Christians. Christians have no business supporting Trump for President, especially given the wonderful field of candidates we started with.

I hope this listicle was both entertaining and gave you some things to think about. I cannot stand the idea that evangelicals, conservatives, or even just the Republican party, may be willing to compromise everything we believe in simply because we hate Hillary Clinton. If we are at that point, where we’ve let our hatred for evil outside blind us to the evil in our midst, then we deserve to lose. And that is why I say, “Never Trump!”


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