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Feral Apologist PicThe Feral Apologist, also known as Joshua Lee Alexander, could be described as a broad-spectrum, high-functioning nerd. A math teacher by day, Joshua spends his free time indulging his infovoric cravings by researching as many “completely unrelated” topics as possible.

Joshua’s educational background runs from being homeschooled by his parents (both of whom are pastors), through undergraduate study in math and physics at Johns Hopkins University (B.S. 2005), to graduate study in the field of Science & Religion at Biola University (M.A. 2007).

Joshua is not internationally or even nationally known, has won absolutely no awards of any kind for writing or any other endeavors, hasn’t been featured in any publications, and does not travel around the country, state, or even county speaking at events of any sort. He is probably overpaid as a part-time teacher, and confesses that his biggest regret in life is not becoming a cartoon voice actor.

There is an old poem that begins “Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.” The Feral Apologist doubts this, but insists that “If girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, then I consist of steel and flame, and nothing that’s tame.”


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