About The Feral Apologist

The Feral Apologist… he’s not tame, but he is good. And sometimes he needs a place to post his musings and ratiocinations about the world, as understood through faith and reason in the Christian worldview. An apologist is one who uses apologetics, the rational defense of the Christian faith using reason and evidence.

Many of the topics covered on this blog fall into five main categories, represented by the word APPLE. The letters of APPLE stand for five Greek words reflecting important values for a complete life:

  • A – Agathos = Good or Goodness. In life it is often tempting to focus on the negative things that happen to us. We can experience far more joy if we instead choose to meditate on what is pure, lovely, and of good repute.
  • P – Pistos = Faithful. The way we show our faith is by being faithful. It is no good to claim we have faith without backing that claim in the way we live our lives.
  • P – Pathos = Emotions. Some view emotions as all-important, while others view emotions as a hindrance. The truth is that emotions can tell us vital things about ourselves and the world around us, but can quite often be misleading. The solution is “proper feeling,” emotions trained to motivate us towards being good and faithful.
  • L – Logos = Logic and Reason. Much of our everyday activities are governed by merely reacting to what happens around us. Reason and conscious reflection on our thoughts are activities that separate us from the animal kingdom and keep us from being beasts.
  • E – Ethos = Ethics. Ethical behavior must be grounded on absolute moral values, absolute moral duties, and our ability as free agents to honor such values and duties. The cornerstone of ethical behavior as it applies to how we treat others is the inherent worth and dignity of human life.