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For the Bible Tells Me So?

In my last post, I’m Christian, Whether You’re Gay or Not, I addressed the Christian and Biblical position regarding homosexuality. In short, this position is that homosexual activities are sinful (like many other things), but that forgiveness is available and change possible through Jesus Christ. I would like to be able to stop there since it is largely a positive presentation of the Gospel message. However, in the course of discussions with homosexual friends and relatives, I have been challenged on several points by what I will refer to as “pro-homosexuality theology.” Continue reading


I’m Christian, Whether You’re Gay or Not

Over the last several months an article titled “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay” has received an extraordinary amount of attention from people on all sides of the current culture war over homosexuality. The author’s premise is simple: Christians need to love gays instead of hating them. In fact, religious people of all types need to love gays instead of hating them. While of course I agree with these statements, I don’t tend to find articles of this “why can’t we all just get along?” sort to be very helpful: they are more helpful than the “God hates gays” type of thinking, but that is not saying very much.[1] Continue reading

God Can

The God Who Can


I don’t always have conversations with Muslims about theological topics, but when I do, they are memorable. There are three conversations in particular that come to mind. I would like to share the gist of these conversations with you, because they reveal three weak points of Muslim theology – or, if you are paying attention, only one weak point. There are many reasons why I do not believe Islam to be true, but the theological inadequacy revealed in these conversations is one good reason I would like to share with you today. Continue reading

iPod dead Battery

Siggy Batteries

My iPod is getting old. It is from the first generation of video iPod’s that came out, with 30 GB of storage. When I first got my iPod I could listen for hours and hours on end, but now, in its aged and decrepit state, I can only listen for a few minutes before the battery gives out. It doesn’t matter how long I let it charge, I can’t even get one song to play all the way through. I pretty much just leave it plugged into the car charger and only use it in my car now. Continue reading

If you are a Christian or a Jew who is familiar with your scriptures, then none of these come as any surprise to you. If they do surprise you, you owe it to yourself to do some research!

Marriage Meme Madness

Have you ever encountered this chart? It calls the traditional and Biblical definition of marriage into question by examining eight “definitions” of marriage that are described in the Bible. Its intent is to denigrate traditional marriage, to make supporters of traditional marriage appear bigoted or hypocritical, and to make appeals to the “Biblical definition of marriage” appear ambiguous at best. Continue reading

The tell (city mound) at Samaria

God of Hills and Valleys

The tell (city mound) at SamariaHave you ever noticed that some things are easier to trust God with than others? It’s natural that we each have our own strong and weak points in our faith. What is a point of natural trust for some people is a point of natural doubt for others. As an example, some people more naturally trust God with their relationships than with their finances. Others are the exact opposite. Continue reading


God-Shaped Holes and Human-Shaped Mirrors

If, as St. Augustine has said, there is a “God-shaped vacuum” in each of us that seeks to be filled, then after accepting Christ this vacuum is filled not just with Christ, but with a mirror, as we are made more and more in the image of Jesus through sanctification. The question is, what is that mirror’s shape? Is the mirror shaped like him, like us or, in some ways, both? Continue reading