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Philosoraptor - What comes after postmodernism?

Where Are We Going?

This evening as my brother regaled me with the latest plot twists in the TV show “Fringe,” I began reflecting on just how many shows there are about paranormal or supernatural phenomenon, from “Fringe” to “Supernatural” to the menagerie of vampire-inspired shows such as “Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood” to shows like “Ghost Whisperer” and “Ghost Hunters.” Then, of course, come the movies obsessed with hauntings, epic battles between vampires and lycans, supernatural beings that inhabit the dream world, etc. Our culture’s hunger for the supernatural has never been higher – even twenty years ago such TV shows and movies would have been very much the “fringe,” but now they are mainstream. While some might attribute the growth of such programming to path-breaking shows such as “The X-Files,” there is really something much deeper going on. Continue reading