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Postmodernism: Friend and Foe

About a year and a half ago a friend forwarded an article to me for comment and I responded to my friend with comments at that time. However, the issue the article addresses is still very relevant, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future – neither the article nor my response to it is dated. Feel free to check out the original article before reading my comments below. The article was one posted by Michael Craven to titled “Postmodernism: Friend or Foe?

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The tell (city mound) at Samaria

God of Hills and Valleys

The tell (city mound) at SamariaHave you ever noticed that some things are easier to trust God with than others? It’s natural that we each have our own strong and weak points in our faith. What is a point of natural trust for some people is a point of natural doubt for others. As an example, some people more naturally trust God with their relationships than with their finances. Others are the exact opposite. Continue reading

Photo Credit: Elijah D. Tice

Faith With Footing

Photo Credit: Elijah D. Tice

There is an attitude, prevalent among religious believers and secular people alike, that faith and reason are somehow part of a zero-sum game, and that where knowledge increases, faith must decrease, and vice versa. This attitude, called “fideism,” defines faith as belief independent of evidence. Unfortunately this attitude is mistaken in two important ways. Continue reading

Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Recently a facebook friend of mine shared a link to the new campaign by the Canadian “Center for Inquiry” (CFI) who, you may remember, sponsored a billboard on buses a few years ago telling people that “God probably doesn’t exist.” The slogan for the new campaign is “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Continue reading

4 Terrible Reasons To Avoid Taking Scripture Seriously

I recently came across an article by David Lose that a friend had posted on facebook titled  “4 Good Reasons Not To Read The Bible Literally.” I clicked on the link hoping the title was either an attention-getting ruse or a useful explanation of literary devices and genres that might help the reader gain a deeper understanding of scripture. Perhaps it should have said “4 Terrible Reasons To Avoid Taking Scripture Seriously.”  Continue reading

Pluralism and Relativism

Note: I originally wrote this for a social networking site.

“The Ohmigod Test
: There’s over 300,000 things to worship in this world. That’s too many! This test tells you in a scientastic way whom you should devote your spiritual energy towards.”

I logged in this morning and saw this “test” on my home screen. While I suspect (or rather hope) that it is tongue-in-cheek, I find the premise to be disturbing: We should not devote our “spiritual energy” towards a person or religion which is true, just one that’s “right for us,” so to speak. Truth be told, I have not often encountered this pluralistic mentality. While at Hopkins I encountered people who believed what they believed (whether Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, atheist, etc) because they believed it was true, not because it was right for them. And at Biola I was surrounded by top-notch scholars and apologists who all affirmed that if Christianity is not objectively true, then there is no way we should believe it. Continue reading